Progressive Curriculum

A Key Differentiating Factor: Highlights of Our Program

  • Spanish fluency 
  • Technology Introduction
  • Discrete Math
  • Science Exploration & Discovery
  • Arts All Of The Time

Your child, our Number 1 concern.

We offer an intimate, safe, personalized setting where your child can develop their physical, emotional and intellectual senses at their pace. We offer parents the opportunity be part of a close-knit Galileo Preschool community where parental learning and growth is encouraged.

Nutrition, An Essential Building Block

A nutritious breakfast is served between 9:00 and 9:30 A.M. A nutritious lunch is served between 12:00 and 1:00 P.M., with an afternoon snack being served at 3:00 P.M.

Galileo Preschool makes every effort to provide your child with wholesome, low sugar foods and to introduce your child to a variety of food tastes and textures. Snack foods include cereal and crackers, fruits and vegetables, cheese, juice, and milk. Young infants will be fed according to their own schedule. As they grow and start eating solid foods, their eating needs will change and the eating times will be adjusted toward the group schedule. During lunch, infants not yet eating table food will be served cereals and jarred foods.

As your infant grows s/he will be using their fingers for eating "finger-foods" and working on using utensils. Older infants will be sitting in high chairs with or using a small table with chairs and toddlers will eat their meals at tables. Toddlers and older children will enjoy group meals at tables while learning about the essential food groups and practicing proper eating etiquette.

Our Health & Wellness Policies

We ask to see each child's immunization records prior to enrollment. We verify that records are up to date as per the State requirements or ask that parents update them immediately.

We notify parents immediately should a child become sick in our care. We have an isolation area for children who become ill and separate that/those children from the general population until a parent can pick them up.

Our changing stations are in close proximity to hand washing sinks. All staff wash their hands after changing. In addition, hand sanitizers and facial tissues are readily accessible in all classrooms.

Safety - A Primary Concern

The safety of your child is our primary concern in all aspects of your child’s experience here.

Our Safety Measures

  • Computer sign-in and sign-out is required with personalized individual access codes for each person authorized to drop-off and pick-up.
  • Your child will only be released to those individuals you list in his/her enrollment records. Photo identification is required.
  • Our Pre-School & Daycare Center critically assesses employee applications.
  • Fingerprinting and background checks are conducted on all of our staff.
  • School and Nursery staff is certified in C.P.R. & First Aid.
  • Each facility is designed for security; fences and highway guards surround the outdoor play area.
  • Smoke alarms monitor each facility, and a fire sprinkler system is installed in each room.

Uniquely Diverse

Galileo Preschool makes every effort to create an environment that respects and celebrates diversity. Our staff, children, and families come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. We foster a community and curriculum which values our diversity and incorporates this diversity into the School’s culture, mission, and curriculum.

Curriculum Materials

Every effort is made to ensure that learning aids, puppets, books, dolls, pictures, puzzles and other toys reflect the many aspects of our globe.


Many of our teachers speak a second language. They provide your child with exposure to other languages such as Spanish and French. They sing songs, count, play games and learn key phrases that are repeated daily.


Music from many lands is an integral part of the children’s days. Singing and dancing is a daily activity as well as listening to tapes and CDs.


Our food service reflects our diversity as we strive to expose the children to foods that are familiar from home as well as new and interesting flavors.